If you aren't adding this power house super-food into your diet, you should be! Kale is incredibly healthy for us and makes an awesome addition to most meals. If you are looking to add extra nurtrients to yours diet - throw a handful of this micro-kale into your smoothies! Because of it's mild taste, you can add it in smoothies or salads without worrying about conflicting taste. 


Good to know:
Micro Kale contains high levels of the cellular detoxifier sulforphane, which may help to prevent cancer and rejuvenate the immune system. 

Micro Kale

  • We know you're going to love our produce. But if for some reason it's not up to your standards, we would love to replace it with something that suits you.

  • We have several options for our customers.

    1. Pick up in store. Pop in to your local urban farm to grab your goods!

    2. Scheduled drop off. Regular Pure Roots consumer? Might make sense to have your produce dropped off on a weekly schedule. Contact your local farmer for more details!

    3. Customer pick-up lockers. This is a great option for those who are able to swing by their Urban Farm but not always during working hours. Receive a access code to pick up your produce from your locker on your own time.

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